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Agricultural Engineering


The Agricultural Engineering program of the University of Magdalena seeks to train professionals with scientific and technological knowledge, based on a teaching - research process, from a humanistic approach based on ethical values. All the above allow them to promote sustainable agriculture for the Caribbean Region and the country, articulating this function with the search for a solution to the socio-economic, environmental and agricultural problems of the environment.


The Agricultural Engineering Program of the University of Magdalena will be relevant for the development of its environment, meeting the demands and needs of the productive agricultural sector. A program that leads strategies for the consolidation of sustainable agriculture through the development of agroecological research, it also offers a comprehensive professional and humanistic training, respectful of the environment and fulfills the outreach social function.


Around the 50s, in the city of Santa Marta, Magdalena, some politicians promoted by a group of professionals thought about the development of education in areas that were an alternative within the educational potential of the region. After some studies, they determined that one of the priorities was the agricultural and livestock field and based on an alternative diagnosis of Higher Education, they opened the University of Magdalena and its initial Program was Agricultural Engineering created by Decree Ordinance No. 115 of 1958 of the Departmental Assembly of Magdalena. Once they carried out the respective feasibility studies and according to the legal requirements, the Program started in 1962 as of the issuance of Decree No.115 of February 22, 1962 of the Magdalena Government.

Organizational Chart


A continuación se presenta el organigrama del programa Ingeniería agronómica  



El Programa de Ingeniería Agronomica se encuentra Acreditado por Alta calidad por un término de 4 años, mediante resolución del Ministerio de Educación Nacional No. 05042 del 20 de abril de 2015.



  • Ley 30 de 1992, norma que rige la educación superior en Colombia.
  • Decreto 2904 de 1994 y los acuerdos 04 y 06 de 1995 del Consejo Nacional de Educación Superior
  • Reglamento Estudiantil
  • Estatuto Docente
  • Acuerdo Académico 040 
  • Acuerdos Académicos y Superiores referentes a los programas, estudiantes y docentes.
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